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Theological Notebook: Studies in Honor of Chrysogonus

How freaky is it to be skimming a website and to find a book dedicated to an old friend of yours?! Pretty freaky, I'll say. It also says I'm a bad, out-of-touch old friend, but still....

Praise No Less Than Charity

Studies in Honor of M. Chrysogonus Waddell, Monk of Gethsemani Abbey

Edited by E. Rozanne Elder

M. Chrysogonus Wadell, monk, liturgist, composer, and scholar, took monastic vows on September 1952. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of his profession, his confrères, colleagues, and friends offer this volume of essays in the several fields in which he has made a mark.

Table of Contents
  • One Last Trace of Psalm Prayers? / Adalbert de Vogüé, Abbaye de la Pierre-qui-Vire

  • La liturgie et le récit. L'Exemple du Grand Exorde de Cîteaux / Pascal Collomb, Centre de recherches historiques

  • A propos des chants du celebrant dans le ms Dijon 114 / Claire Maître, IRHT, CNRS

  • Herman of Tournai and the Monastery of St Vincent at Valencia / Giles Constable, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

  • Some Thoughts upon Stephen Harding's Letter to the Abbot and Monks of Sherborne / H. E. J. Cowdrey, Saint Edmund Hall

  • Unanimity First, Uniformity Second / Michael Casey ocso. Tarrawarra Abbey

  • Bernard of Clairvaux and the Trivial Arts: A Contemplative's Thoughts on Literature and Philosophy / John R. Sommerfeldt, University of Dallas

  • The Learned Monk in Gilbert of Hoyland: Sweet Wisdom in Cells of Doctrine / Marsha L. Dutton, University of Ohio

  • Aelred of Rievaulx's Doctine of Grace and its Role in the Reformatio of the Soul / Daniel M. LaCorte, Saint Ambrose University

  • Tendencies in Cultural Criticism after 1100 and around 1900: A Comparison / Charlotte Ziegler, Stift Zwettl

  • L'ange et le lys: la sagesse des sens / Xavier Frisque ocso, Abbaye N.-D. d'Orval

  • Does the Trinity Add Up? Transcendental Mathematics and Trinitarian Speculation / Bernard McGinn, University of Chicago

  • Alanus de Insulis (+1203), Sermo ad claustrales / Jean Longère, IRHT-CNRS

  • In Search of Bernard's Legacy: Jean Gerson and a Lifetime of Devotion / Brian Patrick McGuire, Roskilde University

  • Translating the Cistercians: Why, How, and Whom? / David N. Bell, Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • Monk of Mystery / Sharan Newman, University of California, Santa Barbara
$39.95 at Amazon
Sale price $19.98 at Cistercian Publications
Tags: books, chrysogonus waddell, cultural, europe, friends-notre dame era, historical, mysticism/spirituality, teachers, theological notebook

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