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Personal: Julie's Awful Experience

Julie and I were supposed to go to dinner tonight at 7:30. She didn't make it. I came downstairs to a guy named Dan who told me that she would be delayed at campus security for a while, as would his girlfriend Kaitlin. I was immediately scared that there had been some sort of accident, but he said that Julie hadn't looked injured when she asked him to find me in front of my building, where she was going to pick me up, but that she looked very upset.

So this Dan – a senior this coming year here at Marquette – and I ended up sitting in front of campus security for the next four hours, trying to figure out what was going on, trying to deduce it all from what we could see happening through the window. It turns out that right before she was going to meet me, Julie was first giving her friend Kait a quick ride, just around the block to her apartment. Sitting out in front of Kait's apartment, still in campus town, a guy got into the back of the car and robbed them at gunpoint, forcing them to drive around for some time while going through their purses, and threatening their lives before letting them go. Specifically, to Julie, he threatened to kill Kait if Julie didn't do exactly what he wanted. And then told them that they should be glad that he wasn't going to assault them in a variety of ways he then described. So where he got into the car and started this horror, this was right around the corner from my apartment building, which means it was also right around the corner from Campus Public Safety. The campus police are apparently furious that something like this happened right in the midst of their territory, as I can well imagine. Apparently, him getting into the car is all on video, as the campus is quite wired in that way, so I hope that will help catch the idiot bastard.

So Dan and I waited with some food we had gotten them and went our separate ways once the girls were out of questioning. I didn't have the right number for Julie's, so I couldn't call her roommate or anyone – and didn't even know if I should – and just had to wait it out until she was done, not even knowing whether my own presence was appropriate or desired. But we spoke for some time and I made it a point to park her car with her and walk her to her dorm just because I know how overwhelming all the normal stuff can be after something like that. She had a chance to vent some more, as well as criticize her use of humour as a coping mechanism (that's what Riederer gets for being a psychologist/comedienne) and just try to start distancing herself from it all. Me, I was seeing one of the strongest, coolest girls I've ever been friends with deal with a real horror that I know is going to mess with her for quite a while. But I know that in the same way that she was so much bigger a human being than this creep, she'll be bigger than this nightmare moment, too.
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