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Personal: A Summary Upon Returning from Easter Break

Nieces Grace and Haley were tightly-wound and very much clinging to Mommy for the first hour or two at the family gathering at my Aunt Pat's. They finally mellowed out with Grace getting used to me again, moreso than Haley, which is to be understood as they're approaching ages 4 and 2, respectively. Leslie reported with great weariness that they'd had her hiding eggs over and over for the past week. As Grace found it quality entertainment to watch me pretend to find pretend invisible eggs she pretend invisibly hid, I can only imagine. We played a little hide-and-seek upstairs and Haley seemed to recognize my counting right away and scrambled to join in, but then would "hide" by running into a room and standing still, trying to look inconspicuous. Because hey – she's not quite 2.

• Mom missed out by just a day or two on my getting (and being able to bring for her own listening pleasure) Over The Rhine's new live compilation CD, Live From Nowhere, Volume One, to which I'm listening as I type. [A sideways knowing nod of shared delight to blistermoth, and to beyondthewell, with whom I heard some of this material in Madison, like the sultry, swinging rendition of "Moonlight."]

• I apparently bought more original art online the other night, whilst in the throes of sleep deprivation, than I had remembered. Hmm. Fortunately my taste had not gone the way of my inhibitions.

• I'm hooking up a wireless station because it's time for me to contribute to an open wireless world and not just – ahem! – benefit from one.

• Something freaky is happening to this page as I write, as every twenty seconds or so is slightly widens, and all the text adjusts accordingly. Weird.

• Heiko Oberman's Luther: Man Between God and the Devil is every bit as good as I've heard. And you thought it was just hype!

• I got a real insight from Oberman today on the connection of all forms of "progressive" politics in the West – this common attempt, or perhaps "universal belief" is better, that a perfected political order can be brought about through directed human effort – whether in populism, communism, political lefts and rights, to later medieval millennial beliefs of a thousand year reign of justice on the Earth, as derived from a reading of the book of Revelation. In terms of intellectual history, it suddenly became clear to me what a long pedigree this tendency in the West really had, and how there seemed to be nothing like it in Asia, or the Southern cultures.

• I just found out with Amanda Schramm that there's a free concert celebrating the completion of the new Miller Lite Oasis on the Summerfest grounds is going to be held here on Saturday, May 27, featuring Ben Folds and the Violent Femmes. Not bad. So that might be the occasion for a visit with her.
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