July 5th, 2011

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise  NCC-1701-A

Random: Unlikely Wish

You know, I grew up a big fan of Star Trek, loving the "future history" of that sort of science fiction, imagining the continuation of the human adventure beyond what I could study in history or observe and be part of during my lifetime. I've lived to see some of those dreams of the future come true, with grade school kids running around now with cell phones, like the communicators imagined to be part of James T. Kirk's far-distant 23rd century equipment, and computers far cooler than the 1960s could imagine. But as time goes on, I have to say that the piece of Star Trek technology that I would most like to see come to pass is not faster-than-light warp drive or transporter technology, or even the amazing idea of matter replication.

It's the beard represser. An enzyme wash that you could spread over your face and repress your follicles from doing their thing for a time. Knowing what I do about the intricacies of medicine, I know that that might be more unlikely than some of the high physics ideas mentioned above, given the sort of unexpected reactions of a delicately-balanced human body and its myriad of functions. But I get so tired of shaving. I wonder if those laser hair removal services have ever tackled an entire beard: I rather imagine I'd have heard about it before now....