May 28th, 2011

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Personal: Miscellaneous Updating

A brief litany of current distraction:
  • Had an enjoyable (but too) brief Skype chat with Dan and Amy the other day, partially in response to an offbeat but semi-serious question from Dan about trying to find a decent comic book version of Scripture, as something to catch young Owen's eye. As a young and avid comic book fan, in retrospect it looks suspiciously like grace that I was given a New Testament in high school that not only had the text, but also (in the narrative sections) had a set of well-done, comic book-style set of parallel illustrations, something that would also allow me to ingest the stories in a format I found engaging. I still have that book, but it's in storage right now, so I couldn't find the ISBN to try to track down an older copy online for them, so we got to looking at other options that came up in a Google search. Random, but not unimaginable.
  • Continued to deal with some post-semester administrative unpleasantness from students engaged in "creative research practices." On the happier side, the alarming piece of mail I received that seemed to indicate that my health insurance had been canceled for the summer was just a computer error.
  • Finished the draft of my part of a sample chapter for the spirituality/neuroscience book project with Kevin. For this chapter, we are trying something that I found to be a tricky subject, so I've no idea yet if I'm anywhere close to what he was hoping for, but I suppose that's par for the course at this point. Kevin is the one with the "vision" for the text in its new form, and I've got to trust him until I "own" it as much as he does.
  • Oi! Started this entry some 36 hours ago! I was going to say maybe a few other things, and especially that Erik was going to be in town this weekend, but I'm already back after spending the day with him and his girlfriend Tiffany and her kids. More on that later as it's now very seriously crash time.