August 28th, 2010


Personal: Bloody Brits

For the first time in – what's it been? – something like the thirteen-odd years I've been conducting business over the internet, I've been hacked. I got to thinking last night that it had been awhile since I'd gotten a statement on a particular card I use. I tried to access the account last night to pay whatever I might owe now, and wasn't able to log into it. I then tried to use the account to buy a few used books off of Amazon that I need, only to receive notices this morning that those various bookstores were having trouble being paid on that card. So I called into the account's service center just now and discovered that the account had been suspended due to suspicious activity, where "I" had apparently been purchasing things off of websites in the United Kingdom. I went through the purchasing records with the agent helping me, identifying which were mine and which were not (including a payment after the other purchases to a service called "Hide my IP Address"), and straightening things out. It doesn't shake my confidence in doing online business, but still. Suckage.