July 25th, 2010

Loyola University New Orleans

Personal: Getting Situated at Loyola

Other than the aggravating delay with all my stuff still not having been shipped, my first orders of business have pretty much proceeded apace. I spent. Long afternoon in Human Resources being led through the arcane duties of paperwork. Benefit packages had to be customized; I had to affirm that I would not do all number of inadvisable things; I had to pick a dentist, sight and work unseen. (Granted, there were options for changing my choice later on.) Then I was off to get my ID picture taken, where I went through several various takes before settling inexplicably on the worst one. I received keys to my office, to the departmental office, and to the room with the printer in it. I connected my laptop to the network and wasted some time trying to alter my thermostat, until I finally realized that the thing had been set to 80 while the thermometer read 66, and that it had never worked in the first place. Sara, the former theatre actress and Army brat now running the Religious Studies office kept me both well-informed about the details of the department processes as well as vastly entertained by her ability to tell a good story. It was handy to end up with my own office after all, and not to be squeezed in with someone else's stuff.

In true academic geek fashion, the highlight of the day was getting the new ID validated for library access, and to start to explore the collection at Loyola's award-winning Monroe Library. At the very least, in lieu of my stuff getting here, it's providing me with more book entertainment. With no dressier clothes than my duffle of shorts and t-shirts, and before the paychecks start flowing, as well as hardly knowing anyone yet, reading is my chief, almost exclusive, entertainment.

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