April 4th, 2010

Rich Mullins Songs/Hiding Face

Theological Notebook: Articles Continued

ARTICLES CONTINUED (For my own future reference, and for anyone else interested.)

How a Molesting Case Emerged Decades Later
Top European Clerics Defend Benedict
German archbishop says church failed abuse victims
Christians converge on Jerusalem for Good Friday
More-secular Poland marks Pope John Paul's death
Poland marks John Paul's death on Good Friday

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Rich Mullins Songs/Hiding Face

Theological Notebook: Still Watching The Way This Is All Played Out In The News

For the Catholic Church, it is Easter itself that is the ultimate answer to the horrors of digging up the cases of sexual abuse of children that happened within the Church over the last few generations. I don't think that that's understood in many of the news articles, where there seems to be a desire to hold Benedict XVI accountable even for events that occurred on the other side of the world when he was a 20-something graduate student. In a sense, of course he's accountable as the leader of the community left with the wounds; that he's accountable as some kind of inheritor of the actual criminal's guilt is irrational, and certainly not helping solve anything.

What bothers me the most is that I still see hardly the least bit of consciousness of truly dealing with the actual scope of the sexual abuse of children, where only a comparatively miniscule number of cases actually were connected to the Church. For all the way people are acting like this is an exclusive problem of the Catholic Church, I suspect that in the long run, the Church's experience of dealing with this is going to be a critical aid when (of if, to be pessimistic) people are finally willing to start trying to hold the rest of our culture accountable for its sexualizing of children.

Easter was much happier with my family.

Lots more articles covering things from April 1st to April 4th.

Resurrection and redemption as the church copes at Easter
Archbishop Andre Vingt-Trois, "a smear campaign designed to smear the Pope"
Vatican's Easter Mass infused with defense of pope
Pope's immunity could be challenged in Britain
Easter Support for Pope, and Some Apologies
Catholic Hierarchy Rallies Around Pope on Easter
Anglican Archbishop Rebukes Irish Church
Betrayals of Trust at Easter Time
Pope's personal preacher offers defense of pontiff

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