July 19th, 2009

Everybody's Here!

Personal: Picture-Time with Family

We had the whole family together today, with Joe and Daniele bringing baby Nate up from Kentucky for a weekend visit. They're the farthest out, the rarest company for that, and thus the prize guests of the weekend. So there were piggy-back rides, brauts and the year's first crop of sweetcorn on the grill for lunch, long strings of conversation with the partners changing and swinging back again like a dance while covering new happenings and old stories, a huge photo session to take advantage of the presence of the whole lot of us, a sit-down feast in the dining room with hanger steaks and Black Forest Pepper sirloin, looking through Google maps for the locations of long-ago houses in Charlottesville and the Poconos, and Chinese Checkers before bedtime. The best of times.