June 7th, 2008

One of Those Days

Personal: Tornado/Flood 1, Mike 0


In an unlikely turn of events, downtown Milwaukee today went through its second tornado warning in the half-decade that I've been here – the second in two days, in fact. Yesterday's evaporated to the extent that I spent a very pleasant evening eating outside at the Greenfield Kopp's with the Lloyds, watching Owen and Anna be excited about the outdoor waterfall we sat next to, and then sitting outside on Dan and Amy's patio, talking and sipping the Serbian wine they'd received from family.

Today, on the flipside, the tornado warning turned into an actual tornado that moved through the downtown (never touching down or even being visible, for all I know, outside of the radar) and then left a huge rainstorm in its wake. This lead to colours I've never seen before appearing on the local storm radar and flash flood warnings all over southeastern Wisconsin. Flooding apparently so disrupted the bus lines that I just spent nearly an hour waiting for a bus up to Shorewood, which line normally comes by my place every 20 minutes. My pants, shoes and socks were soaked as though I'd been canoeing, and wading out into a river as you do on such occasions.

I finally gave up and called my cousin Ben. He and my cousin Becca were having a dual party on this day, celebrating his graduation from Ripon College and her return from an undergrad year abroad in Ecuador. The party was starting about the time I decided to wait out the tornado (although I did most of that up around the top of my building, hoping for a good view – I am a Midwesterner), and now it's an hour from its close, and – as much of a mess as I was, and with rumours that the 10 line was not running due to flooding along the route – I decided to concede to the elements. So Ben and I will head out for drinks later this week, and I'll have to figure out some alternative for Becca, too. Tornado, floods, whatever: I'm still probably in the Sucky Relative Penalty Box until I make good. I wonder how many drinks that would equal? Or maybe treating Motown fan Becca to Stevie Wonder's upcoming show...?