July 2nd, 2007

Loyola Faculty Portrait

Personal: Harry Potter Waiting

Once again, I'm starting to see the postings warning people to keep spoilers for the next Harry Potter novel kept safely behind cuts in their LiveJournals. Since I love reading the actual book in British English and not edited with Americanisms replacing British terms and slang (even with such confusions as "spotted dick," which sounds less like a dessert to the American ear than like a venereal disease), I've once again ordered the British version from Amazon in Canada and am worried about all the things I might hear or read while waiting through the extra shipping time. I remain, of course, still very proud of my 2005 practical joke of posting (without a cut) a fake spoiler of a very plausible sort, building off of a known character tension, and yet not giving away too much detail, as though I stupidly thought that I was still being discriminating in my commentary.

Last time, Amazon Canada tricked me into looking at my shipping right before the release, which somehow caused my book to go to the end of the queue in being sent out, instead of where in line my six-month pre-order should have had me. I am determinedly not checking now, even though I really wonder what speed of shipping I signed up for. I don't think I went with the very fastest/most expensive, but I'm hoping that once again signing up as far in advance as I could will offset some of the damage in coming from another country. They will, apparently, send things out ahead of the release date in order to try to time the arrival by the official release. I've been re-reading the entire set at my meal reading the last week or so, particularly when I was walloped by the bad tuna I ate last week, and so that's had my anticipation building, along with the trailers for the July 11th release of the movie adaptation of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Loyola Faculty Portrait

Personal/Theological Notebook: Barnes' Patristics Library as Temptation

Raynor Library closed at six today and will do so again tomorrow as part of their Fourth of July observance, so I moved over to Barnes' office, which I think I mentioned I'm now babysitting during his sabbatical year. After I gave the plant its weekly watering, I set up and got to work. But I'm surrounded by Barnes' library and all the books are calling to me to come and play. This is the worst place to do the dissertation, because it's all the stuff that I do but that I'm not doing in the dissertation. Temptation is extra sexy when you can pass it off as further work in your area....