June 25th, 2007

Loyola Faculty Portrait

Personal: Returning Home

I've returned home from my sister's place to celebrate the nieces' dual birthday party over the weekend (pics uploading), and I'm now getting back into the regular routine. Sorting mail has been fun. I recently looked through my Amazon Wish List, which is a list of things I actually keep just to remind myself to buy the items at some point, and I found a bunch of things that has at least one good copy at an outstandingly cheap price at some used book store. So, added to the library are the following yummy volumes, all of which I clearly think are cool, by reputation or by library use:
Our great historian of Early Modern Europe, John W. O'Malley, S.J.'s Four Cultures of the West,

The 1996 "Resurrection Summit's" The Resurrection: An Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Resurrection of Jesus, edited by Stephen T. Davis, Daniel Kendall, S.J., and Gerald O'Collins, S.J.,

Karl Rahner's Theological Investigations, Volume XXII (Humane Society and the Church of Tomorrow) – always good to add to my Rahner collection,

Victor Reppert's fascinating and much-needed C.S. Lewis's Dangerous Idea: In Defense of the Argument from Reason, and

Thomas F. O'Meara, O.P.'s A Theologian's Journey, the memoir of my Notre Dame professor who so captured for us in class the inportant contrasts and shifting perspectives of having lived through such a watershed period not just in regular culture but also in theological expression.