June 12th, 2007

What Is A Theologian?

Theological Notebook: Bryan Massingale to head CTSA; John Allen on CTSA Annual Meeting

Wow! My boss from the other year, the ethicist Fr. Bryan Massingale, was just this past weekend, at the annual meeting of the Catholic Theological Society of America in Los Angeles, elected as its Vice President. The Vice President automatically moves on to become President-Elect and then President of this professional association, so this election is in many ways more about being elected the President of the CTSA, which is a fairly big deal, and a great honour for him. Which works, because he's awesome.

John Allen had been covering this year's CTSA convention, which was over this weekend in Los Angeles. The final presidential address I'd been talking over with Barnes, about the CTSA – or just theologians in general – having come to have had an "adversarial role" as the dominant identity-myth of theologians since the Modernist Crisis when the hierarchy got enthusiastically aggressive in its confronting some theologians. That's about a century ago now, but still recently enough to have an historical effect of this sort. I think my generation certainly seems to be tired of that dichotomous view and is looking to move on.

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