March 30th, 2006

Star Trek Laugh/THE END

Random: The Funniest Headline I've Seen In A Long Time (No, Not This One!)

The funniest headline I've seen in a loooong time:
Jackie Chan Injured by Stuntman
Mar 28, 10:58 AM (ET)

HONG KONG (AP) - A stuntman wearing the wrong shoes kicked Jackie Chan in the chest, sending the action star to the hospital for a checkup earlier this month.

"These things just happen," Chan said Tuesday on his Web site. "I always put safety first when filming, but still, sometimes things just go wrong. It was just an ordinary accident. The stuntman working with me had on the wrong shoes and I got hurt."

The 51-year-old actor was injured while shooting the action-comedy "Rob-B-Hood" in Hong Kong.

The injury was painful but doctors said Chan was in "good shape." He continued to feel pain for several days after the March 23 accident, but he is improving, according to the Web site.

Chan's films include the "Rush Hour" movies, "The Medallion" and "Shanghai Knights."

Okay, enough of that: just in from the library and now to type up a quiz!

Musical: Dina again

At the beginning of the month I raved about my friend nalaladina's music in the most enthusiastic way I could muster, only to find that on her Myspace site she had just then had only one track up and that the one that seemed most unrepresentative to me. Well, now she has four up, including "Breathe," which was the first song of hers that knocked me over, and I encourage everyone to check in here at my original entry and check out this gifted songstress.
I See You!

Personal: Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again

Thursday night feels like the end of the week this semester, the way the schedule works out. An interesting week.

• The presentation of what I currently have in my essay "The Odes of Solomon: From Apocalypticism to Merkabah Mysticism" when fairly well tonight. The attendance at the Seminar on the Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism was a bit smaller than I had hoped after the huge turnout the last two sessions, but I suppose those were flukes. I got some great feedback and questions afterward, especially from our own Prof. Fr. Alexander Golitzin. Mike Harris did me the very great favour of taking two pages of notes on the comments, which are full of good references and ideas on where to go from here as I expand the essay's inquiry into the merkabah side of things.

• I listened to Blonde On Blonde for the first time in two years today. It was a sacramental-level experience in songwriting.

• I think I've got my mojo on inside-out: this week got me two ex-girlfriends calling up and a spontaneous dinner out from one of the coolest girls in Milwaukee. All married.

• Got a funny call from Kevin Fleming vacationing with the family down in Grand Cayman. I charged him a $5000 fee for a particularly killer piece of recruitment consultation that I gave him for an LLC he's thinking of starting up with some guy he talked with during his Entrepreneur's dinner at the White House the other week.

• I found an out-of-print book I needed for my dissertation at a book sale today for only $1. I ordered it used from Amazon for $13 two days ago.

• Capping it off with a big bash at the County Clare tomorrow night for Markus Wriedt before he heads home for Germany. I think his six-weeks-per-semester stay at Marquette is the perfect length: his presence is always a social event in itself. And having one of your professors being one of Germany's greatest food critics (just on the side!) is a pretty fine thing in itself: the payoffs are exquisite!