March 29th, 2006


Theological Notebook/Personal/Musical: Another Pesch Event; Wish I May

Today was the final event with this year's Père Marquette Lecturer, Otto Hermann Pesch (Professor Emeritus at the University of Hamburg). In this case, he was speaking to a much larger, public session of the Theology of Martin Luther class for which I'm the TA. So we had a public discussion on the question "Was Luther a Heretic?" and this was in conversation with his old friend, the esteemed Luther scholar, Rev. Dr. Eric Gritsch, who had come out to Milwaukee from Pennsylvania (he is Professor Emeritus for Church History at Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg PA, and a doctoral student of Roland Bainton's) to attend the Lecture. Both have taken part in Lutheran-Catholic dialogue sessions over the years, Pesch as a Catholic and Gritsch as a Lutheran, and so their thoughts during the question-and-answer session afterward moved into lively reflection on the implications for church unity of our main question.
DISCUSSION NOTES – 28 March 2006
"Was Luther a Heretic?"
Dr. Dr. Otto Hermann Pesch – Rev. Dr. Eric Gritsch

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Edit: Well, I recorded a new lead track on "Wish I May" and remixed the thing somewhat, mostly tweaks like taking down the shaker which suddenly had struck me as WAY TOO LOUD. Little things like that can creep up on you, even after having listened to it a few dozen times. But then, after a few dozen listens, sometimes your judgment is just plain shot. So I uploaded that mp3 file off of the original entry the other day. Still not terribly happy with the vocal track.