December 16th, 2005

I See You!

Theological Notebook/Personal/Random: Semester's End, Books, Monsters and Oddments

The students had their final exam yesterday, an easy-to-grade multiple choice affair. Two students who were both concerns and struggled early on--and even thought about dropping the course, given that academic theology was so utterly new and difficult for them--walked out with a 95 and 93, which kinda made the term even that much cooler. The Julian papers I'll have finished grading by the weekend at the latest. Mickey gave me a pretty relaxed pace on the last lot of those and I'll take advantage of it at times.

In lieu of Bob Foster staying at the Lloyd's earlier this week and being the center of a feast in his honour, we're all getting together on Friday now. I suggested having a "game night" as a change of pace, particularly since the standard pattern is the conversation turning into a theological/historical/movie/scifi morass that ends up with Donna and Amy somehow turning out to have been in another room for hours by the time we finish. I have a game called Humm...ble--think a sort of musical Pictionary--that we might give a whirl and might be fun. I've had it for years and never played it, not often doing games much anymore, myself. J.P. Hurt borrowed it from me once for a retreat and reported success, so I have hopes. Mike objects on the grounds that games are for people who are incapable of conversing with each other, but I think that we've already established the one, so this works without reflecting badly on our characters.

Book news: I just found Pernoud's Women in the Days of the Cathedrals for $10 and snatched it. And I just received a few days ago another treasure I forgot to show you. The second key text for my question with Andrei, Word and Glory: On the Exegetical and Theological Background of John's Prologue (Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement, No 89) (Hardcover), another in that JSNT series, usually $120, I found for $16 (I think there's another like that) and grabbed it right up! New!

The other night, taking advantage of Mickey's easy grading pace for this last lot of papers, I watched Dragonslayer once again, for the first time in a year or two. The movie is a classic and I've got to get the crew to watch it. Not only was it the best dragon done ever up to that time (1981), it was also my introduction to the movie-realization and deep affirmation that, historically, Christians were not only stupid, but total losers. I can remember that message coming through quite clearly in '81 when I saw it in the theatre, little knowing I'd become a highly-detailed loser of the sort. Also, watching it tonight, I think I detect it having influence not only on Robert Jordan--I think that is Min, for one--but also influence on Rowling's Harry Potter world. So that's that. I completely flip when I see that landscape: it was shot in western Wales and is still to die for. I rode a bus through that land all too quickly when it deserved days of hiking. Another downside of a group trip. I'll have to get the DVD.

Oh, speaking of movies and me frittering away time, earlier that night TCM was showing King Kong (1933) while, one channel up on my cable, AMC was showing King Kong (1976). Flipping back and forth was vastly entertaining, in a geeky way.

Kevin emailed from Detroit where he was on business yesterday, telling me he was in an Outback Steak House, eating their Walkabout Soup. And the memories come rushing back of tons of great South Bend/Mishawaka nights over steaks there and that fabulous soup beforehand. Or even of getting the girls--I guess that would be Jeannine and Jen at the time?--to go out there late one night just for the soup. Good times. Kind of a yellowish-tan, thick, tasty thing. Cream of onion, I think: very different from French Onion. I wish I had a goodly tub of it.

That was as random an entry as I could manage.