December 14th, 2005


Personal: This Year's Winner

Well, I have to award myself a Stupid Award. I only just realized now--two years later and two years too late--that I mixed my entire album with my speakers on my computer running through a virtual equalizer set to my earlier, long-held preferences and not "flat." No wonder it always sounds different to me on other people's systems....

It's not huge, I guess, especially for a first effort, but still... so stupid.
I See You!

Random: Marine Census

Interesting stuff here: nothing has alarmed me in respect to environmental concerns than the realization that we were capable of "straining out the sea." Whether this article is properly sobering, encouraging, or just informative, it's worth reading.

Marine Census Shows Diversity, Declines

Dec 14, 10:53 PM (ET)


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - A massive census of all the fish and other marine life in the world's oceans has reached the halfway point with new evidence of the rich diversity under the sea along with warnings about the alarming decline of many species.

The 10-year international project that began in 2000 has already tracked the migration of tuna from Japan to California and back, along with the movement of endangered British Columbia salmon with implanted computer chips.

"We're sending animals out with the equivalent of cell phones and they're telling us where they are," said Ron O'Dor, senior scientist for the Census of Marine Life.

"What those animals are sending back is a picture that shows what seems like a blue uniform ocean to us on the surface is really very complicated," O'Dor said.

The data from the tracking program could help researchers and fishery managers conserve stocks of many species of large fish that have declined by about 90 percent over the last 50 years, O'Dor said.

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