November 5th, 2005


Theological Notebook: DQEs

Well, my Doctoral Qualifying Exams are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, with all the format I wrote earlier on the 1st. I'm having trouble studying today: my mind is a frenzy of information, and I can't read a sentence but that I start to adapt its ideas into my own commentary, turning it all into styled summaries, fitting it into outlines in my mind. I actually really enjoy the process of test-taking: there's a rush of adrenaline, I suppose, a chance to try to do everything at once. There's a clarity of thought in the energy that's kind of fun. I loved finals week as an undergrad for the same reason: I'd study a week's worth of material in an hour, somehow, and then run around with friends for an hour's fun before rushing back for another binge of studying. I'm starting to get that same kind of feeling.

So, tonight I finish up my preparation for my Trinitarian question, and tomorrow I will try to write up or organize my notes for my Ethics question, and do a review over my Ecclesiology question. And then off to begin writing at the most unnatural hour of 9 on Monday morning.