August 29th, 2005


Personal: ARG

BAHHH!!! To everyone in my now five+ day unanswered pile of email, lj comments and such, I apologize--I thought I'd get to everything tonight, and I've gotten distracted by everything from IMs and new people in the apartment building, to syllabus-preparation from the professor I'm assisting, to having to try to find baby-names for pregnant friends! So if you're part of the thirty-some letters I've yet to open, much less give a serious response to, I apologize again--I guess that was the good thing about snail mail: the turnaround time was a given! And now back to the work!

Theological Notebook: Raw Prologue of John Notes

These are my raw reading notes for my work on Jewish mysticism in the Prologue to the Gospel of John for tonight. Some good stuff here and a few people might be interested enough to scan through it for some nuggets. It's raw and largely unformatted, but I've got to turn in, so I'm just copying it over quickly.
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