July 11th, 2005


Personal: Cheap Bastard

Ooof! I've been looking around trying to find a program that would let me try to recover my last two years worth of pictures and home movies which, as I mentioned the other day, I had brilliantly deleted from both of my hard drives. The highly-touted BinaryBiz's VirtualLab just make my computer have to restart. So much for that. ProSoft Engineering's DataRescue X, however, for free let me do a scan and revealed some 7400 files. Not knowing if these were the one's still in the hard drive, or any deleted file, since there were no file names, I had to make a guess for the one free file they would let me recover. And Hey, Presto! I get one of the deleted files: a thoroughly-unflattering, slightly-blurred photo of me and my Mom of that photograph-yourself-at-arm's-length sort. So now I know I can buy a license and get my files back. For a mere $90. Ouch. I'm just so in debt right now, with no paychecks during the summer while I'm not an active Teaching Assistant and I'm reading for my exams. And I just got an unexpected and un-budgeted-for $700 bill from the hospital. But what's $90 against all my memories, especially of my nieces? I guess that $90 is $70 more than I'd prefer to pay....

Random: Bono's Guitar Pick

How's this for lucky? I just had reason to open up my nightstand drawer and saw that everything in it was all tossed around, no doubt from the move. In fact, the guys moving me had eventually taped the door shut for transport. As I sorted through the stuff, I naturally looked for the greatest treasure it contained: a personalized guitar pick of Bono's from the Elevation Tour when they were at Notre Dame, back in 2001, as noted in the Fall 2001 entry of the previous incarnation of my online journal.

The pick was gone.

In fact, the tissue I'd had it wrapped in was open and out of the box that I kept it in. I carefully sorted through everything in there (a miniature chess set Jen Sushinsky brought me from Mexico in '97, and my collection of crosses, along with all the foreign change I've been stuck with at the end of my trips) and found out that it was definitely gone. I began to suspect that the guys who had moved me had someone quick-eyed and deft-fingered among them, and realized what was most eBayable among the lot. I wasn't too steamed; I just tried to keep myself down to a feeling of disappointment as I wondered what kind of inquiry, if any, or "Lost..." postings might be appropriate. Then, just to be über-thorough, I decided to take the drawer entirely out of the table. It doesn't have a board underneath it, or anything like that into which the pick could have fallen, but I figured I'd just look all around anyway. And there it was: standing upright, flush against the right side of the space, on top of the right runner. It fell up and out of the drawer during the move, but managed to stay in the space between without falling out. And so I have my treasure after all, which I've never used except when I was in Nashville recording Life and Other Impossibilities. I will of course show it to you when you visit, but now that you know where it was, I'm finding a new hiding place.

Personal: Recovering My Files

Well, I did what had to be done. I put the money on my swelling credit card and set Ambrose to churning through the program last night, trying to remember things he forgot. So this morning I woke up to thousands of files identified that I could recover if I wanted to. Some, of course, I already knew about as populating my external hard drive, like all of my music, so I didn't have to go near that. Most of what I needed to recover were JPEG files. Now, I'm having so sort through them. All 4700 of them. This, as it's turned out, is taking me hours and the day is a total loss, thus fueling my anxiety about not reading fast enough for my exams. But it seems like I'm finding everything, from the brilliant portrait shot I took of Kate Fagan Taylor on the southern cliffs of Victoria, British Columbia, to my video capture of my niece Grace, aged 1 1/2, dancing to her favourite Shaun Cassidy song (which consisted of her spinning in place, waving her arms to the beat, until she fell over). I'm much relieved.