June 1st, 2005

Loyola Faculty Portrait

Personal: Heavy Moving

Well, today about 3/4 of the library went over to the new apartment. I filled a hard plastic laundry cart three times with books; at a conservative estimate, I figure those were about 300 pounds each. It took me about an hour to pack each, which I did to loud sea shanties playing to put me in the mood for repetitive work. Then I pushed them four blocks, mostly down Wisconsin Avenue, while all the folks at the bus stop on 16th looked at me like I was crazy. Fr. Kurz came out of the Jesuit Residence as I was was slowly going by at about 7pm, thanking God that I wasn't pushing one of these beasties full of coal in some mine for a living. He grinned and asked me what I had, and I waved my hand over the volumes peeking out of the tops of their various bags and grandly responded, "The bulk of the entire Catholic Tradition." "That's good!" says he.

Later, after we listened and gave feedback to some of the guys do a dry run of the papers that they're presenting at the North American Patristics Society conference this weekend, Mike gave me a hand as I moved two bookcases over around 11. Tomorrow lots of people will be moving into the building and Mike expects the service elevator to be in continuous use, so I figured by getting some of the bookcases over there now, I could spend part of the day getting books off of the floor and opening up some of the space for the next wave. That also means I'm starting to do "layout," and as much as I loathe moving, I always enjoy designing a new living space for myself: figuring out where everything is going to go, what art I'll put up and where. That's the fun stuff. In the meantime, I'm gonna go to bed. Two days of physcial labor in a row! It's a whole new world....
Loyola Faculty Portrait

Random: Geekiness

I am astonished that I escaped so relatively unscathed. I must be cooler than I thought.

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