May 29th, 2005

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Personal: Moving

Yesterday was a big tease. I was giving a little help to Mike and Donna, who had--much to their annoyance--been instructed by the management company to move to an apartment on a different floor (of the exact same specifications) in the Ardmore, the building for which they're the live-in managers and to which I'm moving over the next week. Mike slipped me my keys and told me my apartment was finished being cleaned and that I could check it out to be sure before I started slipping things over there. Unfortunately, nothing had been cleaned yet: the floor was still swarming with dust bunnies and so I'll have to wait a few more days. Getting anxious. So I spent part of last night throwing things out. I am, (also unfortunately) one of those people who doesn't throw things away right off, so I tend to find unopened bills from 2003 in piles of papers that I know are important and so I'll save them for later "when I have time to deal with them." Maybe that's a long way of saying I'm incredibly lazy about cleaning. I'm hoping that with having a real living room and "public space" in the new apartment, that I'll be more attentive to this sort of thing.

So, very little academic reading has been done this weekend, and I'm not being helped by deciding to go see Revenge of the Sith with Professor Barnes again tonight, this time with former grad student and now Professor (at Lee University) Skip Jenkins. The thing I hate, though, about going to a late showing is that we really don't get lots of hanging time afterward to sit and talk about the movie and whatever it brings to mind.
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