April 15th, 2005

Loyola Faculty Portrait

Theological Notebook: Today's Pre-Conclave Stories

A pretty wide variety today: some more interesting, some perhaps less so, ending with the epic tale of the Sistine Chapel's chimmny being set up for its famous duty. I have to say, though, you couldn't ask for many places more epic to do the work of a Conclave. I would give a lot to be able to spend quiet time in there with God and the frescos. Erik gave me a good hour in there while he backtracked to hunt our missing companion Hugh, back in April of '98, but with all the tourists crowding the place, whispering to one another, and taking poor-quality photographs to the destruction of the colours and the shrieks of the guards, it was much more the "Sistine Museum" than the "Sistine Chapel." I hope someday to have enough Vatican contacts to be able to pull an after-hours stretch out on the floor in the silence of the space.

Anyway, on to the news! Collapse )