February 13th, 2005


Theological Notebook/Personal--Update

Well, this weekend I finished my paper from last semester on whether the Odes of Solomon can be considered as apocalyptic literature. It's been coming slow, and still feels very first-drafty to me, but I do think that I manage to raise some new points that no one's dealt with before. I'll be curious to see what Andre thinks of it.

A good, quiet party last night at Pat Anderson's: I got to catch up with people--I mostly talked with Chris Dorn, Tom Wetzel and Andre Orlov--that I mostly haven't seen much of this last semester because of recovery stuff eating into my time.

I also found out this weekend that my dissertation topic looks to be totally a "go:" the proposed subject of it wrote to me that he knew of no one who had yet written on him, even in Nigeria.

I discovered this week yet another way that my mother was absolutely amazing as a mother.

Now I'm digging into Augustine's De Trinitate to look around for a passage to do a fruitful commentary on for Barnes. I'd like to find an area no one's played with much: always that push to "be original!"

But really now, I'm off to bed: Coffey's "Nature and Grace in la nouvelle théologie" tomorrow.
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