October 9th, 2004


Random--Don't Do Drugs

Wheeeeeeee!!!!! Guess who just overdosed on his own medication and had to call the Poison Control Center? That'd be me!! Drinking lots of liquids now and going to bed with a nurse checking in on me later. That's what happens when I get a new prescription of same-sized pills in the same-sized container with my same-sized idiocy. Hope I get to talk to y'all later!

Random--Don't Do Drugs Update

Well, my night turned out to consist of only a pretty good sleep from my Codeine overdose. The Poison Control Nurse called back about two hours after the incident and the fact that I could wake up and talk clearly meant that I was doing alright. Fortunately, it wasn't that huge an overdose. And since this happened because the Codeine (of which I take one with meals and before bed) and the Lomotil (of which I take four at the same times) looked just alike in their matching containers, I have gone and altered the Codeine container so that we can hope I don't do this again. My father used to have a penchant for poisoning himself: I always expected he'd die (accidentally) by his own hand. He hasn't done so in the last five years or so (unless he's stopped telling me), but now I'd hate to think that I'm picking up that bizarre trait....