September 7th, 2004


Theological Notebook/Personal--Getting It

Tutoring a sophomore friend of mine tonight who is taking Introduction to Theology (not my sections), who is from an unchurched background, who is beginning to ask the theological questions, and who is beginning to get the implications of it all, I listened to her exclaim:

"And I found myself wondering, 'Why isn't everyone a theologian?!'"

While I knew that that "job selection" wasn't necessary, it is always amazing to be present when real learning occurs, such as realizing what it means for everything in life if this stuff is true....

Personal--Prayer Request

Hey folks,

It's been a rough day here for me. I've been aching with gas all day, and dealing with some bleeding, perhaps related, perhaps from something else. My nurse practitioner will be checking in with me tomorrow, but I'm scared of yet another complication and another trip to the hospital, especially now that school has started. Part of the gas thing may be related to a possible, even likely, infection of the pouch that they formed out of my small intestine during my big surgery in May. I've started a cycle of anti-biotics for that today. But like I said, I'm kind of scared of another stay in the hospital, or even worse, some kind of further procedure if the bleeding gets worse. So I'm asking for prayers, because I need help.

Many thanks,