July 4th, 2004


Personal: Meeting Haley for the First Time

A quick picture synopsis of the visit today:

Haley meets Uncle (and Godfather) Joe: the biggest reaction any of us got, actually.

There are those who set trends:

And there are those who follow them:

Grandpa and Haley: I think this is actually my favourite picture that I've ever shot of Dad.

Grace having fun showing me the rain: "Uncle Mike! Rain! Waterfall!"


Random: Offers of Postcards and Introductions of Tim and Molly


Both mszimbolist and jucundushomo, who are not on each others' Friends list and, as far as I can tell, are unaware of each other's existence, both posted on their Live Journals tonight requests for addresses for anyone who wants a postcard as they are each heading out on (different) trips soon. Having never seen this request before (except a student once who asked me to do the same when I was traveling--her mother was then baffled when she saw in her daughter's mail a postcard of the Vatican sent from Tunisia), I am going to take it as a deeply meaningful hint being passed on to me through these agents of grace and therefore shall change my initial intent to save people time and sign up.

Mike Novak
722 N. 13th St.
Apt. 301
Milwaukee, WI 53233

P.S.--Molly, please allow me to introduce Tim. Tim, Molly.
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Lazy day so far. Up way too late (dawn) doing laundry, responding to email/comments, and reading more of the novel. Talked to Kevin as he was driving across the Wyoming desert--"Hey, I'm just passing the place where you took the Glimpse photograph!"--but he wandered into some dead zone, likely half of the state, and I lost the signal before the conversation got to the important stuff.

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Cousin Ben is swinging by in an hour or so for to head on down to Summerfest. I guess we're catching some friends of his from 5:30-7:30, figuring out something to do for the next 2 1/2 hours (I wonder if they're having more fireworks tonight--I saw a considerable display last night as we drove in from Chicagoland), and then catching the Five For Fighting concert at 10.
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