June 26th, 2004


Musical: Recording "Rain"

Well, I finished recording a demo of another song late last night/early this morning. "Rain" is once again a harder, rock tune, which is what I've been recording more of so far in this set. Partially, that's out of a reaction to the album, as Life and Other Impossibilities is a gentler, more mellow album whose "hard" end is pop/rock, electronica or anthemic, and not flat-out rock. It's also probably the case that I'll find the quieter stuff more difficult to record because of its need for precision and a skill that I do not possess. I was trying to do an orchestra string arrangement last night and found myself at times baffled (while still having fun, of course). We'll see. Right now, though, I'm having a blast doing this rock stuff, although I'm hoping not to bother the other people in the building while recording.

So, "Rain." "Rain" came about as a bit of a lyrical experiment. I had the initial melody idea a few years ago and then a thematic idea for which I wrote two incompatible verse lyrics. I then ran them by P.J. McCurry the next morning as we were driving in to St. Joe, and he encouraged me to run with the more abstract set, so I'll be interested if anyone actually gets what I'm trying to say.

Anyway, as a songwriter, it's been fun to go in this harder direction, in contrast to some of my earlier, quieter material like "On My Way" or "What They Have". So I give you "Rain". Collapse )