June 21st, 2004


Personal/Random: Private Space Flight; Looping Dream; New Demos; My Super Friends and Netflix

Space Ship One made the first private, sub-orbital space flight today, reproducing something like Alan Shepard's Mercury flight of 1961, or more exactly, the X-15 flights of the 60s. I cannot say how pleased this makes me. I'm only disappointed that I forgot to turn on the TV to watch it live and only just discovered it by reading the news online. I loved the AP headline: "Plane Soars Out Of Earth's Atmosphere." It sounds like is was some horrible, bizarre accident....


I think I dreamt myself into Hades last night. In my dream, for some reason I dreamt that I was flying somewhere and had to transfer flights in Atlanta. (For those who would be offended, I'm not saying that Atlanta was Hades.) I clearly remember looking in a magazine (like one of those ones on the airplane that give you a handy layout guide to various airports) and seeing that I was landing at Gate 19 and had to go to Gate 15 which, in my dream, was in a different terminal building. My Mom (who was now in the dream--I think I was in her apartment) then asked me to see the chart. I had shut the magazine. For then what seemed like the next four hours of sleep, I dreamt of flipping through magazines, being unable to find the map, and repeating things like, "I don't understand it: it was just here...." This was Hades.


I think I've gotten as far as I can at recording a new demo version of my song "Listen To You" without a keyboardist. I've actually been arranging and mixing in some piano parts, which are fair to good, but I really need P.J. to come up and play so that I can get these string sections in on the choruses. So I'm leaving that one tantalizingly half-finished. I'm starting work on more of a hard-rocking piece instead, called "Rain." Fun IMs the last few days from people listening to the first few tracks I've posted here, especially when Mark and Dina started typing. Yay!


Erik, Mark, and J.P. got together and gave me a two-month subscription to Netflix as a get-well-and-enjoy-your-convalescence gift. My first DVDs arrived Saturday, the day after I ordered them. Zoom! Mostly, I'm catching up on fairly recent stuff. So far I've been leaning toward light sci-fi adventure. I watched The Core on Saturday (a pleasant waste-of-time movie: a kind of Independence Day flick of a classic 50s theme--scientists save the world--with modern effects) and Timeline last night. That one was much better than I expected. It generally fulfilled one of my complaints of Hollywoods--or modernity's--prejudices against the medieval world, that everyone is either in armour killing one another or is a professional Ignorant Person, covered in filth, because everyone knows people in the Middle Ages was too stupid to wipe dirt off their faces. In this case, they went for the first option--that everyone was at war. But... I have to admit that I was pleased to see that the medieval characters (well, the "good guys," at least; in this case, the French) were all portrayed as "real people" with us much depth as us funky post-moderns. So, anyway, now all I have left of the first three DVDs that I checked out is the Collector's Edition of Roman Holiday, which should be a great turn of pace. Alright, I'm gonna go eat now. Peace.

Random: "Best Friend" Meme

I filled this in as I was just reading it off of mszimbolist's journal.

My Best Friend is amea
Our 16 common interests are: aragorn, augustine, c.s. lewis, christianity, fairy tales, harry potter, history, j.r.r. tolkien, lord of the rings, monty python, mythology, philosophy, silmarillion, singing, star wars, stephen r. lawhead
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

I was a bit surprised at first, thinking, "Hey, I already know her!" I thought that the program was going to search all LJ users, so I was amazed that I'd already met this one, but now I'm thinking it just looked at your Friends list. So there you go. I'll have to swing by, Amea, next time I'm either in Kansas or California. Lessee... last time I was in Kansas was '88, and California was '93.... So don't hold your breath. :-)