June 19th, 2004


Musical: Recording "Wish I May"

Finished my second piece in the new home studio. This one's a pop-rock love song called "Wish I May." Gaining an important insight from weaklingrecords's hit tune "Fell", I wrote this one to be a non-gender-specific song so everyone could sing it and "own" it. Thanks, Doug. I already began to know my away around the recording process a bit more on this one and so I think you might be able to hear that, but the song is more complex anyway, even though it's a straightforward pop tune. Along with the song I put up yesterday, "She Walks In Beauty," this is my other "collaborative" piece. That one was with Lord Byron. Kevin Fleming came up with the nugget of this one and then tossed it to me.

I don't think I really have the voice for this one, especially at the end. It's too weak and not enough of a "rock" voice. I'd love to hear Mark Lang sing this tune with his rock/gospel voice. I need to seriously train my voice at some point and see what it can really do. So, with no more qualifications, I give you "Wish I May."

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