April 1st, 2004

Loyola Faculty Portrait

Personal/Theology Notebook

I'm falling asleep. It's 5am. I've been working for a long time and I can't remember half of what I thought was worth coming online for. Doing lots of narrative criticism. My last bottle of Sierra Mist didn't win an iTunes download, bringing my total down to 9 out of 18. And the iTunes Music Store is missing two tunes I thought critical for the ongoing quest of building my Ultimate 80s Library: there's no copies available of either Eddy Grant's "Electric Avenue" or Billy Vera and the Beaters' "At This Moment." I remain lamely unfulfilled.

Had the amusing experience the other night of realizing that part of the reason a 22 year-old ex-student was calling me about boy advice was that she had decided that the guy she was interested in was enough like me to warrant using me to try to figure out the inner workings of this type of male psyche. I have always considered teaching to be a kind of lifetime commitment to my students: I am, however, occasionally taken by surprise at the forms that that takes. And amused.

Tomorrow's ambitious goal will be to outline my entire paper on a narrative-critical re-reading of Jesus' appearance to Thomas in the Gospel of John. I'm gonna build off of my earlier exegesis of the text. I had another project going, arguing that Jesus' attitude to the Temple of Jerusalem in the "Cleansing of the Temple" incident in John showed a pro-Judaism attitude on Jesus' part, thus undercutting some of the arguments of the people who like to talk about Anti-Judaism in the Gospel of John, but it was too much reading. The Von Balthasar reading in consuming far too much of my time. Speaking of which, Amazon has finally shipped my copy of The Office of Peter and the Structure of the Church that I needed for my paper. That only took a month.

All right, signing off. I die.
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Theology Notebook

kesil has gone and created a forum for the Catholic/Protestant discussion about Catholicism to continue. He has dubbed it the piusixfanclub, naming it after that wacky ol' Pope of ours that has complicated matters so thoroughly for us, thus giving us this opportunity to scratch our heads here, a century-and-a-half later. It could get interesting, if you like that sort of thing....
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Memory Lane

I just got an group email from the funniest Editor-in-Chief of the funniest school newspaper staff that I ever had. He was remembering another April Fool's Day....

He writes:

Hey former St.Joe kids/people I thought would find this amusing: Remember when I elected a fictional principal for April Fool's day? Well, I do, I remember it as a moment of my greatest glory. If you have the time this April Fool's Day, please take a moment to reflect on one of the silliest things ever written, or at least join me in a bit of April Fool's day nostalgia.

John Andrew Welsh
"We need to live in a state of suspended animation like a work of art, in a state of enchantment. We have to succeed in loving so greatly that we live outside of time, detached....detached."
-Federico Fellini

If you're interesting in something that I thought a wonderful headliner for a high school newspaper (clearly, I ran a tight ship...) on April 1st, 2001, then read on. Collapse )
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