March 4th, 2004


Theology Journal: My Exegetical Outline on John 20:24-31

Turned in an outline for a narrative-critical exegesis of the resurrection appearance to Thomas in the Gospel of John this afternoon. Upon further reflection, while I like my exegesis of the text, I suspect that I really haven't applied narrative-critical principles strictly enough, and that Kurz will criticize it on that basis as being too much "standard" exegesis.

Either way, I'm pleased with my read of the text. Too much biblical exegesis--and I think that this was particularly the case here--seems to glory in making needless complexities, to the neglect of the obvious drama of a text. So many of the articles I read as background for this assignment were so consummed with abstractions that they paid no attention to what I would have to assume is the central existential drama of the account: dead people appearing and talking to you alive again is a damned freaky thing.

Additional Note: I can't get LiveJournal to accept any of my outlining formating. So I think the format of what follows is a bit annoying.... A thousand apologies.

Michael Anthony Novak
THEO 233—Johannine Tradition
Prof. William S. Kurz, SJ

Doubting Thomas? Sensible Thomas
A Narrative Critical Re-reading of John 20: 24-31.

Thesis: Thomas has been given a “bum rap” is being cast as “Doubting Thomas” when in fact Thomas has a perfectly understandable reaction to his circumstances and Jesus accepts and affirms this.
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