February 21st, 2004


Theological Notebook: Nathaniel on Moltmann; My Notes on Von Balthasar's "Seeing The Form"

An interesting essay by Laird Nathaniel Hannan at Blackfriars, Oxford on Moltmann, and some thoughts I had in response can be found here.

My own work this last several days has been on John and the Temple and Hans Urs von Balthasar's Theological Aesthetics. I'll provide some summary thoughts later today, but I include here below my detailed reading of the part of the first part of the Theological Aesthetics (Seeing The Form) that I prepared for last Monday's seminar. It is focused on the "Subjective Evidence" for Christianity, particularly through the experience of faith. That is, it's part of an exploration on how the experience of faith isn't "just subjective" in the sense of "you could be just pulling this out of your ass," but is in fact part of a real understanding of the (objective) truth of Christianity. This is my summary of 170 pages, and, I suspect, is so thick as to probably be worthless to anyone who hasn't read the material. Consider yourself warned. Still, if you're curious for a glimpse, here it is.

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