February 15th, 2004


Theology Notebook/Personal: Current Von Balthasar Reading; Democratic Primary Debate at Marquette

Sorry. I'm bowing to international pressure to do an immediate update: I've been overwhelmed since Wednesday night working on preparing my presentation for my Von Balthasar seminar tomorrow. So I didn't do an update about what happened last week theologically, much less what I was doing now. Sometimes I feel absurdly thick. We are reading a 170 page chunk of the Theological Aesthetics (volume 1: Seeing the Form). Doesn't sound too bad, does it? It does when I'm reading it at the pace of five pages an hour. Five! And the complete project of the Theological Aesthetics, the Theo-Drama, and the Theo-Logic are enough to block a street! I feel like a very bright mentally-challenged person.... So. I'm not really getting the use I wanted out of this Theology Notebook if I fold when I get really busy, am I?

So that's why I've been hardly here: I've been coming in from the library between three and four every night and have hardly any time to think of anything else. I'm taking time that I can't afford to be a good citizen in a few hours and "going to the candidates' debate (yeah)" since the Dems are here on campus today and the Wisconsin Primary is Tuesday. And then of course I've got Mass tonight, so it's going to be really late tonight.... Gotta go. Peace!