January 25th, 2004


Theology Notebook: Von Balthasar Reading and Quotes

Falling asleep. Notes to come back to or to provoke comment:

1) Von Balthasar keeps harping (My Work: In Retrospect) on the importance of the unity of an objective and subjective approach to inquiry, and insists that the modern psychological approach of subjectivity alone is a disaster that results in a web of illusions. Referencing Augustine as someone whose subjective approach was totally grounded in the exploration of what he recognized as an objective reality (without which his subjective insights are equally illusory) was a useful illustration.

2) This comment he makes (p.75) that "the decisive dialogue between antiquity and Christianity lay not so much in the centuries-old exchange between Plato and patristic-scholastic theology as in that between the Greek tragedians and the Christian saints about the meaning of human existence" was absolutely and totally fascinating. I wonder if this bears upon us in a contrast between a Greek/pagan concept of a hero and a Christian idea of the saint/everyman? And whether, then, the modern reality of the "celebrity" is a return to the Greek hero?

3) A few quotes I just found pleasing and provocative, and thus propelled this bleary-eyed entry:

"All charisms of Christians are inextricably interwoven; everyone owes himself not only to God but to the whole Church; everyone is born by invisible prayers and sacrifices, has been nourished by countless gifts of love, is continually strengthened and preserved by the affection of others."

"Only in the light of God will one really know what he has to be thankful for." (Both p. 88)

Personal: Former Student Conversation

Goofy IM from a former student:

Lisa: mr novak!
NovakFreek: Miss D!
Lisa: hey i met someone that made me think of you
NovakFreek: Brad Pitt?
Lisa: close
Lisa: but no
NovakFreek: Um...
NovakFreek: Adrien Brody? I'm getting that nowadays....
Lisa: This RA who I work with
NovakFreek: Ahhh...
NovakFreek: Are you an RA now?
Lisa: no
NovakFreek: You're a secret RA informer?
Lisa: i work at a desk doing mostly paperwork
Lisa: again close..but no
NovakFreek: Oh, one of them!
NovakFreek: What was the reminder?
Lisa: he told me i had poor listening skills
NovakFreek: LOL
NovakFreek: Did I ever say that to you?!
Lisa: yes quite often
NovakFreek: Oh.
Lisa: no the wound has healed
NovakFreek: Well, sorry, if that seemed rude. I'm sure I was just trying to encourage you to enhance your talents.
Lisa: i think it makes me endearing
NovakFreek: Good attitude!
Lisa: he also listened to celtic music and he had your eyes
NovakFreek: He has removable Lego eyes, too?!
Lisa: i thought that was a secret...