January 22nd, 2004


Personal: Chagall Opening

Been really lazy about updating the last week as I've been getting used to the new schedule. This is the second day in a row where I've gotten home late on a real high from the events of the day. Tonight I went to the opening of the new Chagall exhibit of biblical prints at the art museum, where I had the opportunity to hear and talk to his granddaughter, the art historian Bella Meyer, who opened the evening. Talking with friends through the exhibition, and having a long conversation with Professor Del Colle (who had some cool words about the CD, along with saying that even his son enjoyed it!) was a pleasant way to enter the art itself. And then I went and had a decent-sized glass of red on an empty stomach and the room began to spin.... I just wish I'd thought to ask her about the way he uses color: after the specific forms he crafts, the color just seems to come with abandon.

Marc Chagall, The Bible Series, 1957
Samson Destroying the Temple

Came home and started into another song, all from a blend of a good memory from college, laughing with a beautiful friend tonight at the coffeehouse, and a happy combination of words and rhythms that suddenly passed through my head....