January 8th, 2004


Shameless Self-Promotion

Now here's an e-mail to send me off to bed with a smile:

Hi Mike,
I am the woman bought your CD yesterday in the Brew Bayou, your first paying customer. I have played it a number of times and enjoy it more and more, it is beautiful. So I would like to buy a few more to give to friends. Please let me know how I can do that.

My number is ... , feel free to leave a message as I am not home often. Or email me, I use it daily. I would be happy to pick them up anywhere.

Once again good luck with this beautiful venture.

Kathleen McManus

Theology Notebook: Call for Prayer for Retreat

I'm attending a retreat all day Friday whose theme is Let Your Life Speak: The Vocation of a Theologian. If you are a praying kind, please pray for me for the day, that I would make the retreat to my (and other people's) profit, and that I would pick up on whatever God is trying to get through my thick skull this particular day. Thanks.