January 4th, 2004


Personal: Two New Songs; Dinner at KSD's; Phone Calls

Two new songs in the last two weeks. Pretty good after a longish drought. I think that finishing off the album was sucking up all my creative energy. After a pile of songs--and mostly "A" songs, I think, with only a few "B" songs--in 2002, I only finished a pair in 2003, with a few fragments. I'm still trying to decide if one chord at the end of my bridge works in the latest, but it's close enough to call done. It's done-ish. Interestingly, neither of them has anything to do with my mood. I have two sets of friends going through (different) big break-ups and out came a break-up song. And I was messing around with the guitar on New Year's Day and hit a pair of chords (one of which I can't find in my Big Chord Book: my best guess is to call it an F#/Amaj7) and followed that where it lead: into a melancholy song which I naturally made around a New Year's theme, although I had a really upbeat New Year's myself.

We made a big dinner at Kari-Shane's for a small party: Mike and Michelle up from Ohio, Larry and Joyce, and David came in at the last minute from Minnesota after a call from KSD. I talked with Jen and Steve out thataway, too, trying to get them to come out, but Jen said she couldn't leave the girls at the substance-abuse house alone on New Year's Eve, and so we admired her for her logic. Dinner was rich, with the huge steaks Kari-Shane had cut from the several pounds of prime rib we'd bought the day before, potatoes, greens, salads, and good wines. And then just hours of friendly chat, deep conversations, and tipsy arguments picked for the fun of it. And since four out of the seven were ethicists, the arguments were wonderfully detailed, if occasionally insane. When KSD told Michelle she'd burn a copy of a CD for her, I smelled blood in the water and gave a mighty yell for all the other sharks to start circling. :-)

So. After that, time to write, relax and read some fiction, lots of long-distance calls (one great day of them with Paul Taylor calling from Victoria, Erik Goldschmidt from Boston, and Kevin Fleming from somewhere on the road in Ohio), and helping a Chinese friend with his English school applications. The only thing that sucks is that the coffeehouses here are on very limited hours with the students being gone.

Personal: Book Prices

Urg. Just went by the bookstore while grabbing supplies to survive the snowstorm (I was almost out of Sprite! Sprite!) and saw that one of my required texts for the semester is $160 for a new copy, with no used copies (a mere $120) available. Amazon used books, don't fail me now....
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