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Personal: Phone Calls From Old Friends

My friends are all crazy. Over the last few days, it seems that everyone is calling me. What's crazy about that? Well, they're calling me before 9am, as though I have anything like a normal sleep schedule. They know better than that! Fortunately for me, they're calling so early that I don't even hear the phone, I'm so deep asleep. Otherwise I might say something rude without thinking. This morning, however, I missed an especially cool call with Erik Goldschmidt and Hugh Carter--my 1998 Rome and Tunisia adventure crew--calling from Florida at 7:30. But unfortunately I had been up 'til six chatting with another Florida acquaintance and was sleeping the sleep of the dead by that time. But still, old memories....

Here's to old adventures! And now Mark Lang calls me at the more reasonable hour of 12:30....
Tags: friends-notre dame era, personal

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