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Personal/Theological Notebook: Bibliographying and the Père Marquette Lecture

Today was the Theological Event of the Year at Marquette University, the annual Père Marquette Lecture, with this year's guest being Dr. Dr. Otto Hermann Pesch, flown fresh over from Deutschland. I'll have occasion to work with him later this week, too. Oh, man, the Luther/Aquinas stuff starts at 10am, I think. Less than six hours. I don't think that's happening. But he's going to work with the Luther class I TA for. Anyway, the Lecture. The Ecumenical Potential of Vatican II after 40 Years. . I'll have to write more about that when I'm conscious.

So. Up 'til 4-something now and still not done with the bibliographical re-writes Fahey wanted. I cannot believe how much time it took to track down some of this information. And then to page through the Chicago Manual of Style to make sure that I'm presenting it juuuusssstttt rrriiiiiiigghhttt. My dissertation director is one of the most exacting editors in the field and knows all these particulars intimately. And when he retires at the end of the semester, he's moving to join the large Jesuit community at Boston College.

At Boston College.

My dissertation director is going to live in the same community of Jesuits as my dissertation subject.

If you're laughing or swearing, you get it.
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