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Personal: An Undergrad C-2 Floor Reunion? and Old Flames

It's a strange life, sometimes. I've been putting out feelers for a reunion of people from C-2 Douglas Hall, my undergrad floor and dorm. Although when I left DeKalb, I knew that I'd gladly stay among the same people for the rest of my life, I have nevertheless lost touch with almost all of them. Now, after starting to float this idea to people, I'm starting to get emails from people I haven't spoken with in years, and yesterday I got a 3 1/2 hour phone call from an old girlfriend with whom I hadn't spoken for a few years before she got married.

Especially when you talk to someone like that--someone you once carried the most immense feelings for--you can't help but imagine what life would have been like if you'd made other choices: to see what triumphs and tragedies you might have shared. Sometimes it was a very good thing that your paths diverged, and other times, it's simply that your paths did diverge. In the last month, I've had conversations with Jen Sushinsky, Julianna Karakas and now Jenny Patton, [Ha!--that sounds too much like John Cusack going through his Top Five soul-searching in High Fidelity for comfort--I swear it was just a coincidence! :-) Weird, fun happenstance.] and I guess this vision of life's possibilities has just been made more apparent to me. What's perhaps most amazing of it all is that despite the tragedies in each of our lives, all of us keep being offered more happiness than we're usually aware of or that we have any right to expect. Our lives are gifts and are full of gifts, even when we don't recognize them or their Giver.
Tags: friends-niu era, friends-notre dame era, niu, old stories, personal

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