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Personal/Theological Notebook: Pope Fun!

I just got a letter from my old friend Mike Dougherty. Mike and his wife Michelle were two of my first friends here at Marquette, but because they were done by the end of my second year here, my social circle suffered enormously from their loss. Now the Doctors Dougherty (he of Philosophy, she of English) teach at Ohio Dominican University. Last fall, I knew, they were over in Rome, being the resident faculty and guides for ODU's Rome Semester program, which had to be a real treat for the students since Mike knows his way around the good stuff after doing some of his own education over there as part of his Great Books undergrad at Thomas More College. He just linked me to the following two photographs, which were too fun to go unremarked. The Doctors Dougherty are the young couple in blue and red in front:

Tags: benedict xvi, books, education, europe, fahey, marquette, papacy, personal, photography, teachers, theological notebook

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