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Personal/Random: Langisms and such

This will be of interest or "make sense" (in the loosest possible way) only to a few reading this, but I just found a tape from 1998 that has a few of those choice conversational bits that one has around Mark Lang:
Future title of Mark Lang autobiography revealed: Water All Around Me. Helicopter. Thank You.
(No one then or now knows what this means: it isn't even an "inside joke.")

Mark Lang: (on soloing in the key of C#) "Dude, it's better not to know where you are!"
Erik: "Not everybody wants to live like you."

(After one of those stories that didn't come out the way it was intended)
Mark Lang: "It was funnier at the time for some reason."
Mike Novak: "Most of our life is funnier at the time."

Thus recalled is the narrative of a group of people in the lobby at St. Joe's Hall at Notre Dame, waiting to go out, but discovering that J.P. Hurt has, once again, apparently failed to note the plans for the evening. Erik asks Mark Lang, also staying at St. Joe's, for an accounting of what is going on. The accounting goes on at some length, without conveying any real information.
Mike Novak: "Erik, stop and think about what you're doing."
Erik: "Huh?"
Mike Novak: "Do you realize you're asking someone incapable of linear thought to explain the actions of a man born without foresight?"

Mark Lang: (some time after initially interrupting a take on recording a song) "You dropped in like a half beat too late on the solo. It [the first attempted take] was perfect!"
Erik: "It was intentional, bitch."
Mark: "It was like buuuum buumm buuuummm [musical notes] Remember? The first one?"
Erik: "No! Leave me alone!"
Mark: "I'm telling you what you did!"
Erik: "I know!"
Mike Novak: "You're telling us too much!"
Mark: "It was perfect!"
Erik: "It's not helping!"
Mark: "Why do you want to change something that was perfect? [George] Harrison was the perfect soloist for that reason!"
Erik: "But I'm not trying to change Harrison!"

Mark Lang: "I'll get you a beer, dude."
Erik: "Um, I don't want a whole beer. I'll just drink the--"
Mike Novak: "There's a beer right here up on the TV. Is that yours?"
Erik: "I'll hold it."
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