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Personal: The Fable of the Fox and the Idiot


That said, I have to give some background. I generally walk around with my camera. My rule is, "You never know when you'll see something extraordinary, so always keep your camera on you." Simple rule. For the last week or two, though, my camera has sat on the dining table, asking me "What about the rule?" And I kept blowing it off, because nothing unexpected and extraordinary has happened in a while. As though this were not part of the definition of "unexpected" and "extraordinary."

So. I'm walking across campus a little while ago, coming out of Coughlin Hall after dropping something off for my professor for tomorrow morning. And as I'm coming out of the building there it is, coming around the corner and almost right at my feet: a red fox. Here on Marquette's campus, miles from the edge of the city, from the edge of the suburbs, and us with interstate highways on two sides of campus and only a few blocks from the tall towers of city center. The fox darted away and I lost it around the corner of the building for a while as I was trying to confirm that that was indeed what it was and that I hadn't mistaken some deformed cat for a fox. But I caught up with it over by the Joan of Arc Chapel and got a good couple of looks and eye-locks with it before it (foxlike) doubled back on itself and disappeared into the darkness over near the Theatre Building. So, a red fox on campus and me without my camera. And I want you all to believe me, because it was really cool.

Edit: I cross-posted this entry to marquette_u, and I'm told by fellow students there that the fox (or foxes) are actually local and it was just that I had never seen nor heard of them before. So, just like nimoloth had responded to me: the foxes have been going urban.
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