Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal? Theology Notebook? Ash Wednesday; Johannine and Von Balthasar Reading

You know, there's something really kind of stunning to see a campus full of people wearing crosses of ashes on their foreheads. Or to look around the church and see it packed with faces you recognize from the street or coffeehouse; faces that somehow seem surprising to see, when you blink and say, "Oh, you're a church person, too?" Seeing thousands of students walking around with these so-visible badges, taking their faith seriously enough to say, "Yes, I too am full of shit," makes me somehow both humbled and proud at the same time. In some strange way, it doesn't even seem to be contradictory.

I'm so tired. Conversations online and on the phone when I thought I was just passing through my apartment quickly after Mass at eight. I was finally now at one a.m. going to head back to the library to do some overdue grading for the Augustine class, but I think I'm going to just call it a day and get to bed early.

Alright. Got a narrative/canonical exegesis due next Wednesday for John. Doing the appearance to Thomas. Good discussion tonight on canonical criticism, ending with a specific look at Kurz and Johnson's book on The Future of Catholic Biblical Scholarship. So convenient to have an author in the room. Got another 150-odd pages to read of Von Balthasar's Seeing The Form for Monday. And five sets of worksheets to grade for Augustine. Going to see The Passion of the Christ with people tomorrow night, with a party afterward. That sounds really inappropriate. Going with Dad to visit Leslie, Jim and Grace on Saturday. Got an Oscar-party on Sunday. Tetris at Level 9 looks easier.... Man, I'm tired. Outtahere.
Tags: biblical studies, books, gospels, johannine literature, liturgical, marquette, mysticism/spirituality, personal, students, theological notebook, von balthasar

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