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Random: Guilty Pleasures

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What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: My entire diet qualifies for most people: ahhh, to be the skinny kid with an über-metabolism! Um... let's narrow in on either the bag of Kit-Kats in the fridge, or the elk I ate out West. Well, after not really being a "chocolate-lover" as such, the last 18 months or so have seen me eating some little bit of Kit-Kat or Tootsie Rolls pretty much every day now. Don't know why. Don't gain weight. Brush my teeth. What's the problem? As to the elk, well, I just think that vegans would hate me on principle for not only eating meat, but exotic meat at that. Survey says: I'm an evolutionary omnivore!
Literary: Comic books. Hands-down: comic books. I collected them growing up, but gave it up to go to college. But dang it, I love the serialized adventure/scifi/whathaveyou-type stories! When I was in the hospital last year, watching Cartoon Network jump-started my interest. And the fact that my Advisor is into them, too.
Audiovisual: Waterworld I can't.
Musical: Um... is there any music one should feel guilty over? 80s music? Some people would say 80s music, but when I started going back and collecting it--aided and abetted by some of my students, like lj-user=drea--I became firmly of the opinion that 1982-1986 was one of the most creative eras of the recording industry. The executives got together and forgot to interfere in the creative process.
Celebrity: You know, none. Acting-wise, I just can't work up much interest, much less a frenzy, over people whose job it is to pretend to be more interesting than they probably are.

Now I tag: Anybody Tempted To Answering These Themselves
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