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Errantry: Novak's Journal
...Words to cast/My feelings into sculpted thoughts/To make some wisdom last
Random: Follow-up on George Washington at Princeton 
23rd-Jan-2006 12:14 am
I See You!
I see that the estimates of $10,000,000-$15,000,000 ended up being modest for the winning price for the 1779 Charles Willson Peale painting George Washington at Princeton that I mentioned in Thursday's entry. Purchased for a generous $21,296,000, I cannot imagine what one does with that amount (after Christie's takes what I'm sure is their modest and reasonable cut) in order to fill that now-vacant spot on the wall over your fishtank, TV, or PlayStation.
23rd-Jan-2006 01:05 pm (UTC)
My husband subjected me to the Barrett-Jackson car show and auction this weekend, and people were throwing around hundreds of thousands of dollars like it was nothing. Three parties got in a bidding war that sent the price of one vehicle over 4 million...who are these people and how is it that there are hundreds of unrecognizable millionaires bidding on cars in the middle of the desert?

BTW, Adam continuously informed me that one had to add 8% to these prices, for Barrett-Jackson's cut. I would imagine that Christie's is somewhat higher than that.

Oh...and the guy selling the $4 million vehicle was hoping for $600,000. I would be layed out on the floor if I got $3.5 million more than my asking price.
25th-Jan-2006 05:15 am (UTC) - Opulent Vulgarity
Wow. I would find it hard no matter how much money I had to pay that kind of money for a car, or a house for that matter, with all the starving and sick people in the world.

How shallow or self centered or how much do people need to stroke their ego by spending obscene amounts of cash like that. I am not jealous,... actually I feel pitty on those folks that need to satisfy themselves in that way. Obviously they are trying to placate themselves for an area lacking in their lives.

I saw a show on PBS about super-yachts. There was one that was 400-500 feet long and just the FUEL cost in a year was a million dollars. How can people morally justify that kind of expense with all the suffering in the world?

The Bible says it's more difficult for a rich man to get into Heaven. I can see why with the self-absorbed distractions that money can buy. As you do for the least of my brothers, or in this case not do,... you do unto me.

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