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Random: More Original Art Prices

Ooo! For only 1/10th of the $25,000 that I mentioned on Dec. 17th that Alex Ross wanted for his painting for the cover of Countdown to Infinite Crisis, I can get that phenomenal two-page splash by Phil Jimenez of the battle above Themyscira from Infinite Crisis #2 that I loved. I can't buy an original Michelangelo, obviously, but this is pretty damned good, if you ask me, and seems more of an opportunity since I still have failed to buy a page of original George Pérez art at this point, too. So. Only $2500! For the pencilings, not the finished product! (The original art isn't what is coloured and so forth.) So, I guess I could spend my student loan on that. I wonder what that would inspire Mom to say....
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