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Personal: More Jackson Hole

Picking everyone up at the Jackson Airport Tuesday went off without a hitch, although I had to dig the Jeep out of 13 inches of snow. Kevin has a giant shovel--with four times the surface space of our old snowshovels from when I was a kid--but which is the most ergonomically-sensible design I've ever seen: it made shoveling all this snow almost as easy as snowblowing the whole thing. The plows had built a nice wall along the street that took some extra effort, but I gave myself a good hour's lead-time and made it out in plenty of time, especially since I needed to negotiate with the people in the Terminal about getting the Jeep through a gate and into the private plane area of the strip. I was asked the tail number of the jet and was completely at a loss, given the way the whole task had been lateraled to me.

Naturally, the snowstorm had put the kobosh on my getting out to do the photography Monday that I'd hoped for, but I got some decent shots coming back into town. Later that night, we had one of the all-time great dinners out at a place called the Rendezvous Bistro, with me, Kevin, Frannie, Paul and Sophia, Frannie's brother Tom and his wife Jess--who was Sophia's other godparent with me--and Frannie's sister Kristi. Also joining us was Fran's brother Bobby, who lives in the area, and an old friend of his named Laura Owen who had just moved back to Jackson that very day. Laura is in the midst of writing a book on chronic pain--from which she suffers after a severe back injury--and I had the most stimulating conversation with her as the night went on, mostly in hearing her thoughts on the subject, and how she has set out to write the book that she wished that she could have found when her life took this change in direction and content, and how she is aiming to have the resources available through the book accessible to not just a national but a global readership. She's already scheduled next year for release and a coinciding Oprah appearance, which is certainly a dream for publicity, particularly for someone whose only previously-published work is a volume of poetry.

Tonight was much more low-key, after a very late night with Kevin, working in his office until 3am. Frannie and I talked a lot this afternoon, and I dealt with a 40-minute meltdown of a hungry Sophia on my own while Fran dropped Paul off for his snowboarding. My goddaughter was the most furious, dissatisfied woman I've ever met, and were she capable, I would now be in an unmarked grave somewhere outside of town. I was very conscious of my lack of breasts for the first time in my life. In the evening, I helped Paul (in first grade) with his reading homework, which was a very different level of coaching and instruction for me. Tonight, after a quiet, home dinner of chicken, stuffing, and potato soup, I gave Paul his Christmas present of a complete collection of Adventures in the DC Universe, and then when he went to bed, Kev, Fran and I unwound over a first-time viewing for us of Trainspotting. We actually talked quite a bit through the film, which we all found overwhelming in the distastefulness of what was portrayed and yet masterful and exciting in its presentation of it. Pretty much the same as everyone else, as I understand it.

And now to bed.
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