Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Staying In in Jackson Hole

Well, constant snowfall and a winter storm warning kept me from my intention of taking the Jeep out north of town today and photographing the elk, the Tetons, and the moose, if I could find them again. I stayed in, reading Oberman--as I just mentioned at length in my other posting--and enjoying some quiet. I did watch the horrible tease of the Fiesta Bowl, with Notre Dame never quite managing to rally and play to their potential against Ohio State. Playing a little guitar, feeding the dogs, and keeping an eye on the weather with the other eye looking toward having to pick up the Flemings at the airport tomorrow let the day slip by. It may be an interesting four-wheel-drive fight tomorrow to get them, with over half a foot of new snow expected. Today, I enjoyed the quiet mountain life; tomorrow, I'll deal with the hair-raising stuff if it comes to that.
Tags: personal, travel, travel-2005-2006 wyoming

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